CilCearn House Killarney

How to get to CillCearn House?

There are a number of ways to travel to CillCearn House. There is public transport available to Killarney from all the major cities. Kerry International Airport is only a short taxi trip away and taxis are plentiful around the Killarney area. For directions, click below for our Google Maps Location.

How to Travel to Killarney

Car Hire

A car is an amazing way to travel to the parts of Kerry for freedom that maybe is not accessible by bus. This is a great way to find the quieter and less travelled to locations. 

Car Hire is available from all Irish Airports.


Killarney has great links with all the major Irish cities. Regular daily bus routes connect Killarney with Dublin and Cork.

Many tour companies offer trips around the Ring of Kerry.


Travel to Killarney by Train. We have a regular train service operating from Dublin and Cork and this commutes directly to the centre of Killarney. To learn more visit Irish Rail Here