My very favourite place for the best breakfast in Killarney has got to be the café Brown Sugar.  Brown Sugar Café is just a five minute walk from Cillcearn House. You simply walk up the hill towards Daly’s and Brown Sugar is positioned behind Daly’s. My usual breakfast is sausage, egg, chips and beans with a few fried mushrooms on the side. You can go for the full Irish or customise your breakfast as I do when I am here. 

Vegetarian options are also available and there is a fine range of porridge and breakfast cereals for the hungry breakfaster! Gluten free options are also available here.

Manna Cafe & Bistro situated in Old Market Lane in Killarney town centre is another favourite of mine. It really is a close call between Manna and Brown Sugar as to who does the best breakfast in Killarney. An Pútog dubh is a great example of a simple but tasty breakfast. It consists of two pieces of Ballyvourney black pudding served on rustic sourdough. Sweet relish is added, and it is topped off with a sunny side up fried egg. Mmmm – heaven on a plate and a great reason to get out of bed in the morning!

You can also get an Irish Breakfast here or focus on the lighter bites if that’s what takes your fancy. Gluten free and vegetarian options can also be found. The Eggs Benedict is a particular favourite here.

The Petit Delice is a French inspired bakery which opens at 8am in the morning, early enough for the intrepid Killarney explorer! I always get a rustic vibe upon entry and with the marvellous smell of baking bread and cakes is a delight. I usually have the croissants when I come here. You won’t find fresher, flakier croissants in the whole of Killarney. Well, I haven’t!! The menu also consists of baguettes, pastries and cakes.

When I attended for breakfast recently, I was surprised to see that the Petit Delice had a large number of gluten free options in terms of fresh cakes. Six different options were available for coeliacs, but I was told that most sales are accounted for by non-coeliacs. There is also an outdoor seating area at the Petit Delice to make your dining experience even more comfortable during the summer months.

These are currently my favourite places where you will find the best breakfast in Killarney being served!!

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