Best bar in killarney

Where should I go for a drink in Killarney? Well, where shouldn’t you go for a drink in Killarney!? Fancy a Pint and a tasty Snack? If you enjoy a good pint of Guinness there are several pubs I would recommend. Firstly, I’d introduce you to Murphy’s Bar on College Street. Murphy’s Bar is a […]

Best Restaurants in Killarney

There is so much choice when it comes to best restaurants in Killarney town that it really is difficult to choose the best restaurants in Killarney. I’m going to start off talking about Treyvaud’s restaurant on Main Street right in the heart of Killarney town. When it comes to fine dining in Killarney Treyvaud’s will […]

Best Breakfast in Killarney

My very favourite place for the best breakfast in Killarney has got to be the café Brown Sugar.  Brown Sugar Café is just a five minute walk from Cillcearn House. You simply walk up the hill towards Daly’s and Brown Sugar is positioned behind Daly’s. My usual breakfast is sausage, egg, chips and beans with […]